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Wednesday October 24th

Location: SOL-centrum, Café
13.00-18.00Nordic Seminar on Speech recognition:
Web page:
Location: SOL-centrum, H:435
Location:SOL-centrum, Café

Thursday October 25th

08.45Registration opens
Location: E-huset, E:1408
09.00-11.30Workshop session
 W1: Language, action, and perception
Organizers: Simon Dobnik, Staffan Larsson, Robin Cooper
Location:E-huset, E:1145
W2: NLP for computer assisted language learning
Organizers: Lars Borin, Elena Volodina
Location: E-huset, E:1147
W3: Exploratory query-log analysis
Organizers: Svetoslav Marinov, Paula Petcu, Henrik Strindberg
Location: E-huset, E:1408
Språkbanken project meeting
Location: SOL-centrum, H:435
Nordic Seminar on Speech recognition.
Location: SOL-centrum, Hörsalen
11.45 Registration opens
Location: SOL-centrum, Hörsalen
Location: SOL-centrum, Absalon
13.00Introduction: Pierre Nugues
Keynote I: Martha Palmer
University of Colorado, Boulder:
Beyond Shallow Semantics
Location: SOL-centrum, Hörsalen
14.00Main Conference - Session I
Session chair: TBD

14.00Extractive document summarization - an unsupervised approach Jonatan Bengtsson, Christoffer Skeppstedt and Svetoslav Marinov.
14.25Automatic Text Simplification via Synonym Replacement Robin Keskisärkkä and Arne Jönsson.
14.50Vocabulary and Syntax in Gender Classification Niklas Zechner.
15.15Poster Session I
Poster chair: Anders Ardö
Loacation: SOL-centrum, outside Hörsalen
  • Growing a Swedish constructicon in lexical soil Lars Borin, Markus Forsberg, Benjamin Lyngfelt, Julia Prentice, Rudolf Rydstedt, Emma Sköldberg and Sofia Tingsell.
  • Linking expert and lay knowledge with distributional and synonymy resources: application to the mining of Diabetes Fora Thierry Hamon and Rémi Gagnayre.
  • Statistical Identification of Pleonastic Pronouns Marcus Stamborg and Pierre Nugues.
  • HMM based speech synthesis system for Swedish Language Bajibabu Bollepalli, Jonas Beskow and Joakim Gustafson.
  • Entity Recognition of Pharmaceutical Drugs in Swedish Clinical Text Sidrat Ul Muntaha, Maria Skeppstedt, Maria Kvist and Hercules Dalianis.
  • Small versus closed syntactical patterns in authorship attribution Johanna Björklund and Jonas Lindh Morén.
  • An Evaluation of Post-processing Google Translations with Microsoft Word Håkan Burden, Jones Belhaj, Magnus Bergqvist, Joakim Gross, Kristofer Hansson Aspman, Ali Issa, Kristoffer Morsing and Quishi Wang.
  • An audience response system-based approach to speech synthesis evaluation Christina Tånnander.
  • Improving the acquisition of synonymy relations with contextual filtering : a preliminary study Manser Mounira and Thierry Hamon.
  • The gravity of meaning: Physics as a metaphor to model semantic changes Sándor Darányi and Peter Wittek.
  • Predicting alignment performance Lars Ahrenberg.
  • Processing spelling variation in historical text Yvonne Adesam, Malin Ahlberg and Gerlof Bouma.
  • Telling questions from statements in spoken dialogue systems Sofia Strömbergsson, David House and Jens Edlund.
  • Generating Pronunciations of Northern Saami Words by Two-Level Rules Pekka Kauppinen.
  • Stockholm EPR Corpus – A Clinical Database Used to Improve Health Care Hercules Dalianis, Martin Hassel, Aron Henriksson and Maria Skeppstedt.
16.35Main Conference - Session II
Session chair: TBD
Location: SOL-centrum, Hörsalen
16.35Bridging the Gap between Two Different Swedish Treebanks Richard Johansson.
17.00Classifying Pluricentric Languages: Extending the Monolingual Model Marcos Zampieri, Binyam Gebre and Sascha Diwersy.
Human evaluation of extration based summaries Marcus Johansson, Henrik Danielsson and Arne Jönsson.
19.00Conference Dinner:
Location: SOL-centrum, Café

Friday October 26th

9.00Keynote II: Fred Roberts, Artificial Soloutions, Hamburg
Teneo, a Visual Approach to Building Virtual Assistants
Location: SOL-centrum, Hörsalen
10.00Poster Session II
Poster chair: Peter Exner
  • Identification of Entities in Swedish Andreas Salomonsson, Svetoslav Marinov and Pierre Nugues.
  • Nature Identical Prosody - data-driven prosody feature assignment for diphone synthesis Peter Juel Henrichsen.
  • A Chunking Parser for Semantic Interpretation of Spoken Route Directions in Human-Robot Dialogue Raveesh Meena, Gabriel Skantze and Joakim Gustafson.
  • Are prepositions and conjunctions necessary in health web searches? Ann-Marie Eklund.
  • Falling Ill and the Administration of Medication... A Study on the Nature of Medical Frames Dimitrios Kokkinakis.
  • Opening OPUS for User Contribution Jörg Tiedemann, Matthias Zumpe and Sebastian Schleussner.
  • Coordinating spatial perspective in discourse Simon Dobnik.
  • Towards an automatic detection of the chemical risk statements Natalia Grabar, Laura Maxim and Thierry Hamon.
  • Translating English texts into sets of predicate argument structures Elisabeth Godbert and Jean Royauté.
  • SCXML for Building Conversational Agents in Spyderbrain’s Spoken Web Lab David Junger, Torbjörn Lager and Johan Roxendal.
  • Formal semantics for perception Staffan Larsson.
  • On the Interplay between Readability, Summarization, and MTranslatability Sara Stymne.
  • Cohesion in Automatically Created Summaries Christian Smith, Henrik Danielsson and Arne Jönsson.
  • Practical aspects of transferring the English Berkeley FrameNet to other languages Karin Friberg Heppin and Kaarlo Voionmaa.
11.20Main Conference - Session III
Session chair: Katarina Mühlenbock
Location: SOL-centrum, Hörsalen
11.20Ontology matching: from PropBank to DBpedia Peter Exner and Pierre Nugues.
11.45SUC-CORE: SUC 2.0 Annotated with NP Coreference Kristina Nilsson Björkenstam and Emil Byström.
12.10A Bilingual Treebank for the FraCaS Test Suite Peter Ljunglöf and Magdalena Siverbo
Location: SOL-centrum, Absalon
11.20Main Conference - Session IV
Session chair: Jörg Tiedemann
Location: SOL-centrum, Hörsalen
13.35 High-Quality Translation: MOLTO Tools and Applications Krasimir Angelov and Aarne Ranta.
14.00Stagger: A modern POS tagger for Swedish Robert Östling.
14.25Properties of phoneme N-grams across the world's language families Taraka Rama and Lars Borin.
14.50 Using the probability of readability to order Swedish texts Johan Falkenjack and Katarina Heimann Mühlenbock.
15.10Conference Closing
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