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You can download semantic parsers and a constituent-to-dependency converter we have developed in our group.

  • Semantic parsers in a reverse chronological order:
    • PropBank/NomBank frames: A new version of the semantic role labeller. It is available from Google code. It is part of the Mate tools and integrated in a complete parsing pipeline. You can test it online by direct input here.
    • PropBank/NomBank frames. A second system with an integrated dependency parsing. It uses the PropBank/NomBank frames. Contact Richard Johansson.
    • Framenet frames. Our first high-performance semantic parser. It uses Framenet frames. Contact Richard Johansson.
  • Treebank converter. A converter of parse trees using contituents (as in the Penn treebank) into CoNLL-style dependency graphs. Contact Richard Johansson.
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