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Members of the team
  • Pierre Nugues, Universitetslektor,
  • Peter Exner, PhD candidate,



  • Richard Johansson. Richard implemented the last version of Carsim and started our line of semantic parsers. He obtained his PhD in December 2008 and is now with the University of Gothenburg. You can visit his page here.


MSc and researchers that participated in the design and implementation of semantic parsers:

  • Anders Björkelund, MSc, Researcher. Anders is now at IMS in Stuttgart.
  • Love Hafdell, MSc.

Master's students participated in the design and implementation of the Carsim system. Here is a list:

  • Swedish: Per Andersson, Anders Berglund, Magnus Danielsson
  • French: Sylvain Dupuy, Vincent Legendre, Simon Le Gloannec, Pierre Aubeuf, Cédric Métais.
  • English: Ola Åkerberg, Hans Svensson.
  • Graphics: Arjan Egges, Bastian Schulz, David Williams, Kent Thureson

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