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SLTC 2012. Sponsorship

SLTC 2012 is the 4th edition of the Swedish language technology conference. SLTC is a unique and friendly event that gathers most of the researchers in Sweden and Scandinavia active in the field. SLTC also draws a number of researchers from the rest of the world.
As in 2010, a Nordic seminar on Speech recognition organized by ASTIN (The workgroup for Language Technology in the Nordic Countries) will be collocated with SLTC.
In total, there were 100 participants in SLTC 2010 and the Nordic seminar attracted 60 participants.

Being a sponsor

Being a sponsor of SLTC 2012 would allow you to have the name of your company on the conference web site, the official poster of the conference, as well as in the printed proceedings, and displays we will use in the conference. You would also have the opportunity to hand out complimentary items: pens, bags, and so on, on dedicated stands.

Levels of sponsorship

We plan to have four levels of sponsorship: bronze: SEK 1,000 to 3,000; silver: 3,000 to 6,000; gold: 6,000 to 10,000; platinum: more than 10,000. Depending on your contribution, we will use typefaces of different sizes to print your company's name.


Should you be interested to be a sponsor, contact us with the amount you intend to contribute.
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